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What is Ganesa?

Ganesa Media is a mobile affiliate network that provides advertising solutions for brands and publishers.With an international team of mobile experts, we advise our clients on mobile strategy, implementation, and optimization.

On the demand side, advertisers benefit from strong global traffic across geos, latest features over the platform. Our goal is to deliver the best match between the advertisers and our media partners all in a brand-safe environment for both sides.

Ganesa is your best option

Advertiser-publisher cooperation
Discover an experienced global network of publishers to promote your brand or choose from the most powerful offers to advertise
High ROI
We’re always looking for the best way to reduce advertisers costs without diminishing publishers incomes
All Mobile Platforms And Geos
Our network prides itself on having a great variety of partners all over the globe and a way to reach niche users with no effort at all.
Profit From Personalized Attention
Your ad campaigns are assigned to your personal account manager who will work with you to fully optimize your campaign.
Get Only Quality Affiliates
We filter all our affiliate applicants hard and constantly monitor all accepted affiliates' traffic patterns to prevent fraud and abuse.
Profit From Our Expertise
We know where to find the best traffic for your mobile ad campaign and how to fine-tune it, because we have 5 year experience.

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